Donato Ascani meets Marco Campanella at Hotel Eden Roc
Donato Ascani
A very respectable curriculum that goes all the way back to Enrico Crippa, then as second to Paolo Lopriore at the Tre Cristi in Milan. When the native of Como left, he was briefly Chef of the restaurant, before being called by Bartolini. Ascani moulds creativity, is a virtuoso with a maniacal attention to detail. His dishes are a synthesis of territory and world, with many touches of the East to enrich his Venetian gastronomic roots. Even his Lazio emerges here and there, but casting off all the heaviness of the Roman tradition.

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30135 Venezia
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Eden Roc Hotel
On the shores of Lake Maggiore, Hotel Eden Roc features a beach and a marina for private yachts. The gastronomic offer ranges from Mediterranean dishes to sophisticated gourmet creations, like the proposals of Marco Campanella, (1*17GM) of La Brezza. During the day, you can enjoy water sports or relax in the spacious spa area. A warm welcome amidst the palm trees of the Garden of Eden.

Info & Reservation: info@saporiticino.ch
Marco Campanella
Official Evening
Eden Roc Hotel

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