2 June
Luca Bassan meets Norbert Niederkofler at Fiore di Pietra
Norbert Niederkofler
Cook the (Italian) mountain. Choosing to use local products, following the rhythms dictated by nature, means avoiding mass retail and prioritizing direct relationships with producers. It means protecting farmers and breeders, rediscovering biodiversity and farming and breeding techniques that do not impoverish the land but preserve it. This is Niederkofler’s mountain cuisine.

Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina
Strada Micurà de Rü 20
39036 San Cassiano BZ
Fiore di Pietra
“Fiore di Pietra” is the powerful and suggestive symbol of the Monte Generoso rebirth signed by Mario Botta. The world-famous Ticino architect, once again, has masterfully combined tradition and modernity, technology and design, pathos and solidity. The structure reigns from the top of 1704 meters offering an unique and enchanting view in all seasons.

Info & Reservation: info@saporiticino.ch
Luca Bassan
Fiore di Pietra

Ferrovia Monte Generoso, Via Fam. Carlo Scacchi 6
6825 Capolago

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