Serata Francese
Bernard Fournier
He was born in Baccarat, France in 1956. The penultimate of seven siblings, he soon left home to enroll in the hotel school in Strasbourg. After his training, he worked in the Shillinger restaurant in Colmar and then embarked for five years on the cruise ship Mermoz of the Paquet company. Once back for three years he was part of the management of the Hilton in Paris. With great passion and love for his work, he arrived in Italy, where he met his wife Adriana Berti, with whom he had his children Stephane and Emilie, the cornerstones of his life. In 1984 he took over the management of Orso Grigio in Trento, where he began to spread the culture of Foie Gras, but it was in 1992 that he took over the Restaurant Da Candida in Campione d'Italia, where he created his beloved world, mixing the tradition of his beloved France with the smells of welcoming Italy. In 1994 "Le Royal Fournier" was born, the brand name of his products, recognized worldwide and in continuous growth.

Viale Marco, 4
22061 Campione d’Italia
Tel. +41 91 649 75 41
Seven Lugano The Restaurant
Directly on the lake of Lugano, The Restaurant boasts an enchanting view and a refined atmosphere, perfect for a business lunch, a romantic tête à tête, or a dinner with friends. The cuisine of the restaurant begins with the careful selection of raw materials, with particular attention to seasonality and typical products of the Canton Ticino. Sushi and sashimi lovers will be able to discover the proposals of our Sushi Master Chef: the delicate traditional flavors and, for the more adventurous, the surprising fusion combinations.

Ticket: CHF 250.-

Info & Reservation: info@saporiticino.ch
Claudio Bollini
Special Evening
Seven Lugano The Restaurant

Via Stauffacher 1
6901 Lugano

T. +41 91 290 77 77
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