Nino di Costanzo meets Frank Oerthle at Ristorante Galleria Arté al lago
Nino di Costanzo
Nino di Costanzo grew up respecting the traditional gastronomic values of Campania, and it is precisely the love for the flavors of his land that has traced his path. His goal is to explain with his dishes how the essence of Campania’s tradition can be revived thanks to modern technique and inventiveness: scents, flavors, colors, sounds, atmospheres and suggestions. All this can be found in his dishes to strike a chord. Recently, Forbes has ranked his Danì Maison among the ten ‘coolest’ restaurants in the world.

Danì Maison
Via Montetignuso, 4
80077 Ischia (NA)
+39 081 993190
Ristorante Galleria Arté al Lago
The Restaurant Gallery Arté al Lago (1 Michelin) offers a
combination of exquisite and unique cuisine in a stylish setting, with
breathtaking views of Lake Lugano. Chef Frank Oerthle celebrates
a Mediterranean cuisine that succeeds to capture the surroundings
that magically appear on his plates. Both the Restaurant Gallery Arté
al Lago and the Restaurant Le Relais are part of the traditional Grand
Hotel Villa Castagnola, a 5 * superior hotel with 74 rooms, set in a
subtropical park directly on the lake.

Ticket: CHF 290.-
Frank Oerthle
Official Evening
Ristorante Galleria Arté al Lago

Viale Castagnola 31
6906 Lugano

T. +4191 973 25 55
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